Storz & Bickel Crafty Vaporizer – High Efficiency Portable Vaping

Okay so I have just went out and purchased myself my very own portable crafty vaporizer. I finally got sick of the lack of efficiency on my Da Vinci Ascent, and I decided that I was going to go all in and purchase my very own Crafty. I have been reading up on the Crafty for quite some time, so when I finally decided to pull the trigger I was extremely excited. Storz & Bickel has a long standing reputation in the vaporizer community for their high quality products, so trusting them with my money wasn’t really that much of an issue. They offer their customers an iron clad return policy which states that the vape can be returned for a brand new unit within 2 years of the purchase date. This is something that you don’t see too often in this industry, and that’s because most vape manufacturers are consistently making cheap products that don’t last nearly half as long as this high quality German company’s products.

One great thing about the crafty is the efficiency of the product, as it has the ability to vaporize the entire contents of the herb chamber throughout the entire day. I have used the crafty for an entire day before off of one single bowl pack, and that is pretty impressive when you consider that with my Da Vinci Ascent I would use up to 3 bowls per day, making it one of the least efficient vaporizers in our toolkit. I think it’s just that the Crafty vaporizer is so much better than anything else out there, it makes everything else look like complete crap when compared to it’s mighty performance…pun intended haha! So yes we have established that the Crafty is the best, but now you have to actually go out there and buy one for yourself. This is quite a purchasing commitment, and you will have to spend at least $275 on one, and you will be lucky to find them at that price.

The crafty is quite simply the most effective portable vaporizer that I have ever used in my entire marijuana smoking career, and it’s the number 1 unit that I consistently recommend to friends and associates who are interested in learning about healthier options for consuming marijuana in the comfort of their own home. This device will provide you with all of the necessary features to make your vaping experience an enjoyable one, with a deluxe packaging with high quality images and an extremely detailed instruction manual that allows you to understand exactly how the device works in conjunction with smartphones using advanced bluetooth technology. These products are extremely important for you to get familiar with, so you should definitely take the time to perform the research that is necessary in order to gain a valuable understanding of these products and what they are capable of doing over time.

The Mighty Vaporizer By Storz & Bickel

If any of you fellow marijuana tokers have been following this industry over the past several years, then you would definitely have heard of the amazing German vaporizer manufacturer Storz & Bickel, who is famous for their world renowned “Volcano Vaporizer” that will take your herbs and turn them into super high quality clouds of the tastiest vapor that you have ever experienced. Well now this same company has produced two portable versions of their beloved Volcano dubbed the Mighty and the Crafty. I prefer the Mighty because it has double the battery life, and although it’s a bit on the bulky side, overall it’s still a great unit that I highly recommend. If you want to purchase your own, I would recommend you buy your Mighty Vaporizer at Vaporizer Vendor because they have the best discounts and deals on vapes and are always running specials that you can take advantage of as a modern day vape consumer. The Mighty is a great vape, and is super efficient at turning your herbs into crisp, clean hits of the purest vapor currently capable of being produced in this entire industry. This company has a monopoly on this market right now, and they are the ones that are constantly coming up with the most innovative technologies that other companies are constantly trying to imitate and duplicate. There is nobody else on the vape marketplace that is even close to resembling the high quality German manufacturing status of Storz & Bickel, so it would be a smart decision if you stuck with them as your go to vape company for the upcoming future.

Another thing that consistently impresses me about this vaporizer and all of the other ones that this magnificent company produces is that they are always offering a long warranty with their products. They always have a standard 2 year warranty at least, and sometimes even go above and beyond that, offering consumers life time support for their products as well. It’s good to see a company such as this stand by their customers and keep them happy and satisfied during their entire shopping experiences, and it will be extremely interesting to see how they approach this topic in the years to come as more people get involved with these products and start producing them on a larger scale. Some of the very best vaporizers that I have ever used in my entire life have some straight from this company, and they are the manufacturer that I consistently recommend to all of my friends in order to guide them to the best location to purchase their device. Some people have started looking at some of the other products from this company, and they have rated them highly as well. I was fortunate enough to get in on the ground floor, and I bought my Mighty as soon as it came out. I would like to continue to urge people to purchase this particular vaporizer from this particular company, because you will definitely end up extremely satisfied just like I was. It’s important to remember that this company will stand behind their products, and will continue to provide support to you as a customer, even long after your purchase. It’s not every day that you find a vaporizer of this high of quality on a marketplace that is as competitive as this one at a price that is similar to this one here. Take the leap and find out just how good this vaporizer is today, I’m telling you that you will not regret it.

Arizona Marijuana Laws

We have dealt with strict marijuana laws for quite some time now down here in Arizona, and we would like to be one of the next states who gets involved with the medical and recreational marijuana laws so that our medical patients in need can take advantage of the same benefits as everyone else in this society. We have fought for several years to get up to this point, and things will only become more complicated as time moves forward, so it’s critical that we get in touch with someone who is capable of producing a high quality experience that we can all take part in for the coming future. There are several key points that you will first want to understand relating to this industry, so it’s important that you take the time to figure these things out before looking into alternative methods of thinking about this complicated industry that has immediately taken over our society.

There are several key factors about the recent legalization in Colorado that we will first want to look at in order to get an accurate understanding about this industry and what effects it has recently had on our society as a whole. We will first begin by looking at the lower number of young people using pot in Colorado, which was a huge fear when the legalization first took place in the state late in 2012. We have seen fewer young people getting started with the drug, and this just goes to show you how people use this drug based on a need that they have as an individual, not simply because it exists and is available in their particular space. We have to keep an open mind about this drug so that we can effectively deal with it in a timely manner once the other things fall into place and we have a more comprehensive outlook on the different aspects of this complicated and controversial industry.

Marijuana laws in Arizona have been the same for years, and if we’re really going to make some legislation that will provide us with lasting change, then we will ultimately be more satisfied with our society and the way things are heading for the coming years. I have personally seen a large number of businesses come and fail within the marijuana industry in Colorado, because they took everything for granted and assumed that it was going to be extremely easy to come in and dominate the market. The thing that they didn’t allow for was that everyone else had the same idea, so the competition was extremely fierce and provided them with a level of resistance that they weren’t prepared for. If you are interested in getting the facts about Arizona marijuana laws, then please stay tuned to our blog, as we are going to discuss these things in great detail over the next coming months. Of course you will have to filter this information for yourself, so that you can adequately figure out which things are true and which are simply false. Eventually we will have an accurate concept about this industry and the different things that are arising out of it in the coming years. You will probably find out more about yourself as well when you begin thinking in terms such as these, so it will end up being a positive pursuit of self discovery that will take you on a journey that you will never forget.